The British Standard Institute (BSI) provides this standard.

Engineering drawings are made specifically  to state the British Standard 8888.

There is straightforward guidance offered by BS 8888 and all practitioners of technical product specification are presented with pictures. A combination of tools that engineers need for the design specification, verification and manufacturing, with basic information that is essential and required for specifying a product or component is provided.

As major sectors continue to adopt BS 8888 (particularly in defence contracts) , the need to use BS 8888 becomes more pressing. This framework presents up-to-date information on the technical drawing aspects of this standard, in a manner similar to the presentation in the old BS 308, and will help users trained in BS 308 to adapt to the new standards.

This standard was also improved and created by extra studying from two BSI members who have written book on BS 8888 for further knowledge and helpful guide to those firms of all sizes especially in manufacturing or defence sector who will use or adopt this standard for their work.

Colin H Simmons, IEng FIED, is an International Engineering Standards Consultant and a member of British Standards and ISO committees dealing with technical product documentation and technical product specifications. He is a Chief Standards Engineer of Lucas Industries, a former practising mechanical design engineer and the author of many publications, inluding Drawing Practice: A guide for schools and colleges to BS 8888:2006, Technical product specification and PP 8888-2, the recisions of PP 888- 1, Engineering Drawing Practice: A guide for further and higher education to BS 8888:2006 Technical product specification, co-authored with Neil Phelps.

Neil Phelps, IEng MIED, MIET is currently working as a desgn manager within a manufacturing environment and use to work as a mechanical engineer. He is a member of the BSI committees responsible for technical product realization, technical product documentation, BS 8888 and BS 8887 and is chairman of the committee covering digital product specification. He is also a member of two ISO Technical Committees responsible for technical product documentation and dimensional and geometrical product specification and verification. Together with Colin Simmons, he has revised the BSI publications PP 8888-1 and PP 8888-2.

To ensure that such technical drawings are understandable by non technical engineering people is the whole purpose of BS 8888 to make it easier to share as well as understand for future reference.

To assure that its standard provide useful framework drawn up as a specifications to ensure technical drawings are conducted at highest standard to ensure that it is understood by non technical staff as well as preserved for future studying is the model BSI British Standards. All organisations of all sizes in manufacturing, defence and creative art industry can adopt and aply this. Standards Global provides a gateway access to BSI to download and purchase standards.

BSI British Standard Institute published BS 8888.

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